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1) Is there an active community of developers+ designers or peers available to help? Is there a healthy forum or how-to section available?

Community..meh. Didnt have many problems. I’m sure if I called them they would answer.

2) How intuitive is the design process within the CMS?

Two thumbs up for intuitive design.

3) What font choices are available? TypeKit? Googlefonts? Uploading own for use with @fontface?

From what I experience you have to stick to the fonts they give you.




4) In general, are there templates+ themes that allow for a wide range of styles of sites or it is mostly geared towards one area of development? Artists? Bloggers/Writers? Businesses?

Wide Range of templates for all. You can even start from scratch.

5) Is the structure of the individual pages intuitive to put together? Or difficult to maneuver?

Pretty Intuitive. Easy to maneuver about.



6) How affordable is the pricing structure? What does the most basic plan include?


Free for basic. Lots of other tiers here at @

Mobile Ready:

7) How much control do you have over the mobile design of the site? Or is there the capability to “drag and drop” design for the mobile devices?


Lots of mobile control. You can switch to a mobile viewer

Social Media:

8) What are the options for Social Media integration?

Plugins. Easy to sign in and link.


Collection Ideas

Top Three

1) Rent a Puppy (Puppy Photos)

2) Movie Posters




6) Ridiculous tshirts

7)Skate Board

8) Baseball caps

9) Ties

10) photos of ferns